NepaliPatra is an online news media with a commitment to provide accurate and timely news to the many thousands of its daily subscribers. They pride themselves in delivering high-quality and engaging content across all news delivery platforms. In their 13 years of creating quality news they have expanded our horizons into the U.K and Australia where their branches help in a creation of a localized U.K and Australia Editions.

They are also engaged in creating Nepalipatra in printed versions in Both U.K and Australia due to high demand from local Nepalese communities. They are determined to keep their news portal independent and neutral and provide reliable information to their many daily subscribers on multiple issues.


Keywords were not thoroughly optimized due to which it was affecting the Search Engine Optimization. Contents were not quite unique and page load time was maximum.


First of all we focused on page load time and decreased it as minimum as possible. Then worked on contents and then on keywords to improve Search Engine Optimization.


Currently Nepalipatra ranks among the top online news portal in nepal (source). Not only that Nepalipatra has maintained good ranking in alexa and has load of backlinks.

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What We Did For Nepalipatra

Appropriately analyzed the right keywords for good search engine optimization and improved the content quality and decreased the page load time and more…

Keyword Research

Keywords directly affect search engine optimization so, we focused on keywords that were necessary to be looked upon

Website Analysis

Nepalipatra is a news website so, we also focused mainly on handling the large number of audience and factors

Competitor Analysis

Nepalipatra is not the only online news portal running on Nepal, so we also analyzed some top competitor websites

Backlink Building

The higher the number of backlinks for a particular website the more better the reputation of a particular website