Shivam Holiday

Shivam Group Holiday aims at offering great ways of discovering natural as well as the pristine culture along the wilderness experiences. We highly specialize in various packages of holiday in Nepal, trekking, Mountaineering, Peak Climbing, Wildlife Safaris, River Rafting, Mountain Flights, Helicopter Tour, Cultural tours, Leisure Trips, Corporate incentive tours, Bungee Jumping and family adventure holidays and much more… It is not only a visit but a memorable life changing experiences.


When we signed contract with Shivam Holiday we knew we had a lot to do. The old website was completely useless. It wasn’t responsive and had no contents and keywords. SEO??? nope nope nope


We phased out the old template and designed a new one that was responsive. The contents that is currently in this website is all our works. We focused on keywords and SEO


Shivam Holiday is doing very well in Google and other search engines. It has good domain authority, backlinks, and SEO score and has very good reputation in GOOGLE.

25% less CTR

20% less CPA

272% ROI

8452 Unique Visitor

What We Did For Shivam Holiday

Just compare Shivam Holiday with its old looks. You’ll get your answers. We changed almost everything of this website. We used all our knowledge and techniques that we know to make it better.

Keyword Research

Appropriately analyzed the right keywords for good search engine optimization and improved the content quality and more…

Website Analysis

As a travel and tour website we choosed and designed template for the website accordingly and did some tikitaka

Competitor Analysis

Shivam Holiday is not the only travel and tour website running on Nepal, so we also analyzed some top competitor websites

Backlink Building

The higher the number of backlinks for a particular website the more better the reputation of a particular website