“The World Is Connected Thru Clicks N’ Keyboards.

We Simply Know How To Use Them To Grow Your Business”


In today’s world, Digital Marketing plays an important role in the overall marketing strategy of a company, organization or business. Internet has become a basic need for an individual. People spend most of their time online nowadays. There are huge number of internet users in the world and their numbers are increasing in tremendous speed day by day. Because of these reasons more and more company, organization and businesses are now focused on assigning portions of their budgets to Digital Marketing Campaigns.


Digital Marketing is not only limited to being seen or discovered by your targeted audiences. Although this also requires hard amount of work, but this is just the 50% of the total work process of Digital Marketing campaign. Rest of the work requires things like how many targeted audiences are actually satisfied with the work and can turn into possible customers or clients. To do this a thorough and diversified Digital Marketing Strategy must be applied which combines process like PPA, PPC, PPI and Social Media Marketing strategies for excellent performance of the campaign.


Paschim Digital provides an integrated Digital Marketing service in Nepal. Digital Marketing is the foundation of every service we offer. Our Digital Marketing process is simple, we first analyze your products and services and run our campaigns. Once we run our Digital Marketing campaign, we track the required information such as conversions, user behavior and traffic. We approach in our unique way in Digital Marketing and perform our back-end analysis to see the things like what is improving, what could possibly go wrong in the future, how to counter them and what could be done to progress further, etc.