Developing your business presence in the online digital empire always generates more lead and outstanding ROI. Therefore, it is very important for your services or products to be visible on the very first page of GOOGLE and other search engines for better engagement, when clients are seeking for them. Paschim Digital is capable and have both technical expertise and experience in assisting the position of your business in the sponsored or paid section of the search engines pages, which will be viewed by the targeted audience.


google advertising by paschim digital
Example of Google Advertising in Nepal


PPC or Pay Per Click can be helpful and very effective in getting your services and products in front of potential clients or customers. Using our strategic and skillful planning and strategy, you can improve your business presence in the digital atmosphere very effectively by focusing on the right audience at the right time and at right place. We are a young and desirous team who are well committed to our works and are always focused to give better results. We always monitor and measure your campaigns statistics with an aim to improve your online presence.


With the right techniques and approach, your services and products can quickly get visibility. Paschim Digital can very effectively improve your campaigns ensuring that your services and products are always there on the sponsored areas of various appropriate websites. PPC as its name suggests, you only have to pay as per the amount of clicks and visits to your required websites. Paschim Digital’s PPC service enables you to get guaranteed results in terms of ROI and lead generation, conversion, when clients and customers search for related services and products.